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Jeremiah Q. Donald was born on February 25th, 1994, in Harrisburg city Pennsylvania, as well as the location in which he was raised. Most of the Africans that grow up there, especially in places we refer to as the "inner city". Unfortunately, are places that many Africans are said to not make it out of alive, or to rise above the same system that strategically aims to keep Black people impoverished. However, he was the young African man who greeted typical expectations with ambition, and abnormality. Graduated from Harrisburg Highschool in 2012, which was not an easy task for him, knowing that he endured academic challenges, as well the general issues of being African in America. After highschool, Jeremiah was home for a while, helping his parents, and trying to find himself. Later in 2015, he attends a Historical Black College known as Arkansas Baptist College, in Little Rock Arkansas; his fields of study were Psychology, Criminal Justice, World Literature, and General studies. While Jeremiah was a student there, he was also apart of the track team, won Mr. Track for home coming, and most importantly grew alot more mentally than he arguably has ever before. This accomplishment meant alot to Jeremiah, being that highschool was very challenging, not that college isnt. But he graduated from this Historical Black College with and 3.78 GPA, all while being known for his awesome character, leadership abilities, and even as a young man having older authority look up to him. Once he returned home to Harrisburg after graduation, he spends his time home as the leading youth counselor at an alternative program known as Harrisburg Area Learning Academy. In such a profession, he was able to be a positive impact, and plant wisdom into the students for behavioral and general life guidance. Soon after two school years there, Jeremiah then decided to attend University of Central Florida and continue his studies in criminology and psychology. Although Jeremiah is on a successful academic path at University of Central Florida, he has been doing much thinking and growing for while, and decides to make an early conclusion to his collegiate journey. Normally, most of us would not do such a thing, but as stated he is abnormal in a good way, or as many would say .. fearless. It was perhaps that very moment, which Jeremiah truly stepped into the boundlessness of his subconscious and accepted the endless potential of the conciousness that he is. "I rather die on my feet as an African, than to live on my knees a coward"


Nafshiyah Ndah is a Rwandese blogger currently based in Rwanda. She relocated to Rwanda after spending several years within the corporate world working within the banking industry and more recently as an Operations Manager within the private and public sector in Paris, London and Brussels.

Nafshiyah grew up in Rwanda, Tanzania and Ivory Coast before pursuing her undergraduate and graduate studies in Montreal, Canada. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Finance. She has always had at heart to be able to give back to the African continent after seeing her home country Rwanda collapsing into the Genocide of the Tutsis in 1994 and also experiencing racism within the Western world as a young migrant.

When she is not writing or working on projects focusing on the betterment of the global black family she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, gardening and reconnecting with nature.


Jameila Coleman was born and raised in Chicago IL until the age of 14. She moved to Milwaukee WI and had a chance to experience life around other cultures and nationalities of people. Although she had positive and negative experiences in this new environment; she quickly learned how the world viewed her and other Black people in America. She lost her only sibling to excessive force from a Milwaukee police officer; she and her family were evicted from an apartment building after living there for 2 months due to neighbors complaining about seeing Black people living in the complex and she was called a Nigger from a racist for the first time in her life and also dealt with Racism on the jobs she had. She later became an entrepreneur and advocate for Black economical empowerment. She earned her Human service Associates degree at Milwaukee Area Technical College and Bachelor's of Science degree in Human Service Management at Cardinal Stritch University. She has served as a board of directors for Gods kidz in the Hood who served underprivileged families and volunteered at walkers point teen shelter for at-risk youths. Her passion is finding solutions to the economical crisis that African people face around the globe and connecting the Diaspora to the continent of Africa. She has dedicated her life to this cause. When she is not researching information to find ideas and solutions to the cause, she enjoys spending time with her children and reading and teaching them history. Her philosophy is " If you believe, you can achieve and "Together we are better".

She believes that the uplifting and healing of the Black family will lead to the uplifting and healing of humanity as a whole.


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