Thomas Sankara is still speaking today.

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Many people of valor were sent to you Africa, to awaken your sons and daughters to bring about their mindset change. O would they hear today and not harden their heart!

Thomas Sankara is speaking today.

Hear O Africa!

[Video transcript in French and English]

Camarades! Comrades!

L’imperialisme? A bas! Imperialism? Down with them!

Le neo-colonialisme? A bas! Neocolonialism? Down with them!

Les élèves réactionnaires? A bas! The reactionary students? Down with them!

Les élèves paresseux et indisciplinés? A bas! The lazy and undisciplined students? Down with them!

Les professeurs carents? A bas! The incompetent teachers? Down with them!

Les vomissures de la contre - revolution? A bas! The anti - revolution pukes? Down with them!

Les vipères qui s’infiltrent dans nos écoles? A bas! The vipers infiltrated in our schools? Down with them!

Les pintades orgueilleuse? A bas! The arrogant birds? Down with them!

Les hiboux au regard puant? A bas! The fowls with a stinky stare? Down with them!

L’Anarcho-syndicalisme? A bas! The anarcho-syndicalism? Down with them!

La petite bourgeoisie affolée? A bas! The panicking petty bourgeoisie? Down with them!

A bas! A bas! A bas! Down with them! Down with them! Down with them!

Merci Camarades. Thank you comrades.

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