A Take Away From Dr. Arikana Chihombori Speech, After Her Firing From The Africa Union

This is a very short post, to remind ourselves that our greatest weakness among the Global Black Family is our lack of unity. If we could understand that before our nationalities, our continent of birth, tribe, religion, educational and social background we are firstly BLACKS / AFRO DESCENT and hence ONE NATION, we would be smarter and will be more successful at building ourselves and our communities. Yes I said it, we would be smarter, which means our divisions hinder our successful approach towards problem solving.

We also need to stopping being idolaters of money and get over the need of playing ball within systems that we should not belong to. The global economic system is evil in essence, it relies on continuous wars, dispossessing people from their freedom and health, it generates billions out of human sex trafficking and organ harvesting and the list is getting longer everyday. Most of our current African leaders are copying and pasting the World's model, becoming themselves champion in their own category of evil.

We are talking about the Western world that is made up of doomed nations with civilisations on the edge of collapsing. So why, Africa, the richest continent on earth would need to hang out with the Western world, Asia, Israel and Arab countries? We do not belong together and we do not need them!

So I am taking the opportunity to share some thoughts from one of the latest speech from Dr. Arikana, I understand that everyone has their own views about this topic, I am just sharing one perspective among others.

[My takeway - English version]

🔥🔥🔥One of my takeway from Dr. Arikana great speech,

There is no such thing as African Francophones and African Anglophones, White people invented it, We, BLACK PEOPLE are ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION beyond languages and even tribal differences. Until we are united, we will not make it.

[My takeway - French version]

🔥🔥🔥 Un des points importants que j'ai retenu du discours important de Dr. Arikana

L'Afrique Francophone et l'Afrique Anglophone n'existent pas. Ces concepts ont ete inventés par les Blancs. Nous, les NOIRS sommes UN PEUPLE, UNE NATION au-dela de nos différences linguistiques et tribales. Tant que nous ne sommes pas unis, nous n'y arriverons pas.

I believe that the Creator of heaven and earth is the originator of this current awakening of Black/Afro people across the world and our Creator is gathering us all from the four corners of the earth. We are unstoppable. Let us overcome this time. Let us overcome our differences that were implemented by our enemies. Let us also discern Black sell - outs and strategise, an example of a sell out is the Black person who executed the order from the Western countries to fire Dr Arikana Chihombori from the AU.

We must be smarter and faster than Black sell-outs/traitors. We need to be trained on how to recognise the Black people among us who would do anything to get money and approval from White people / Other Black Sell Outs. They are the typical ones, the dangerous slaves among us that were giving a hard time to Harriet Tubman.

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