Africa Unite Or Perish!!!

***Grand rising beautiful Melanated/African people from the four corner of the Earth***

The earth is ours and none of us is a foreigner in Africa our motherland!

Our lethal weapon against white supremacy is our unity.

Division is the principle of cancer, when sick cancer cells start dividing and multiplying within the body.

There are different malignant divisive tumours identified here and there within the African global family mind:

- Tribal tumours

- Dark skin versus Light skin tumours narratives

- Native versus Diasporas narrative tumour

- Religious tumours

- Gender warfare tumours attacking our family values

It is not too late to fight it and surrender to the Most High, the creator of peace.

It is not too late to make Wisdom your sister and Intelligence your friend.

If our South Africans are sick, we, as the Black African body are sick as well.

Please do not be distracted by Brexit because a deadlier disease is at play and will affect you even if you are a Black person speaking with an elegant Queen British accent.

Let's heal together, our future and the future of our children is at stake!

Africa unite or perish!!!

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