It is time to self-govern ourselves and lead sustainable lives!

In this post we would like to give kudos to a team of Africans making a difference on the continent, in West Coast, Ghana

Our team got on a call recently with their leader where we were introduced to the terms of 'self-governance' and 'sovereignty'.

My people why would you have to pay to get electricity and why would you have to pay for your water? Meet Ahmahtsiyahu and his team, who are teaching our people how to get off the grid and source their water in a sustainable way!

Here is one example of - sustainable development related - ordeal in Ghana, as the government is selling chunks of land to multinationals rushing to Ghana to exploit its gold, these companies are dumping various harmful contaminants in Ghana's water ecosystems, making tap water no longer suitable for drinking in certain areas.

The consequence is that the population impacted by this pollution are now buying their drinkable water in 'sachets'. They now have no other choice but to buy their drinkable water. But can everybody afford it?

Not only the multinationals are making money out of Ghana's natural resources but they are inflicting extra costs on the population who have to turn to paid alternatives to get clean water.

At the time of this post, water 'sachets' that are plastic pouches containing water, are a source of lucrative business but are thrown in the open after being used, contributing to polluted cities with these plastic 'sachets'.

This is where our brother Ahmahtsiyahu, an African raised in the USA and now based in Ghana steps in to be part of the solution. Please check the videos below that describe his team's actions to help local communities embrace sustainable development and self-governance! Consider supporting their work via their Youtube channel (Donation can be sent to their paypal account ), as they need your support to do this important work!


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