Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Being ONE as the Black/Afro global family isn't just a slogan, there is a need to join hands to support a global Black revolution. There is also a call to fit our respective narratives into the bigger picture that embeds stories coming up from the other side of the world as far as Libya and West Papua Guinea.

Failing to do this is leading us to play down the systematic psychological, economical and physical war that is waged against us at the world level.

We're so used to our struggle, that we think that we just need to self-organize a bit better to be 'empowered' within 'their' systems to ensure our survival.

We just need to store some canned food and water for what is coming and it will be fine, we think.

But it is not so, because even if we need to look for mitigation plans, it is important to pull back a little bit and reflect in order to identify clearly the neo-colonialist and neo-slave trade agenda unfolding before our very eyes. We need to acknowledge that we are facing forces and agents that are away more sinister than we think and address it with all the radicalism required.

Some of you are already aware of this, but our voices get lost amidst the vociferous Black 'gurus' and Black 'motivational speakers' who still want to make money out of our chaos. 

Motivational speakers and gurus do not have an answer for us on how to emerge once for all out of this mess faced by Black people but they want to sell us some tricks and steps on how to make some money in the stock market or on how to make money from the entertainment industry.

In some cases, when we realize that the economical or entertainment game is fixed and rigged against us, we try to re-invent themselves into professional 'strippers' and turn to all sort of disgraceful plan B's. It is happening in the Americas and it is happening in Africa.

In Africa, during the Independence wave of the '60s, Europeans ensured that African leaders that did not fit their imperialist agenda of looting Africa's riches got killed or jailed and replaced by generations of pacified African puppets leading the continent up to today. For this system to work in their favour,  local populations were and are still disempowered and denied access to riches and capital for the profit of the African 1% elite and sell-outs collaborating with Western governments and international conglomerates. 

That is why Africa's sons and daughters, deprived of means of living, are taking the dreadful journey throughout the Saharan desert trying to reach the European Union shores via the hellish country of Libya.

Many of our people are dying in the hands of Arabs trafficking rings in Libya on their way to Europe or have found their final rest in the sea bed of the Mediterranean ocean. Until the Black African continent is not liberated, Black people throughout the world will not be able to enjoy a dignified and prosperous life that does not require to piggyback on our oppressors' shoulders.

Black Africans detained in Libya

Moving on to West Papua Guinea, I challenge you to show me that, West Papua's indigenous people currently shedding their blood to take back their independence are not part of the same narrative as us. They look like us and are fighting the Australian & New Zealand co-opted neocolonialist agent: The Indonesia government.

Different variants of the Black people's ordeal exist in Africa, the Americas and elsewhere, there is no way one is less important than another, my point is that it is imperative to build a GLOBAL Afro-conscious ethos to facilitate our coming together as a nation with economic and military power.

We need to up our game and start taking heed to true Black revolutionaries instead of their 'cooned' Black motivational speakers version.

Black motivational speakers differ from Black revolutionaries because those motivational speakers infesting various social media platforms are trying to teach us how to fit as third-zone citizens and quasi-slaves within Western supremacist sociological constructs. They have no clue on how to create multigenerational wealth OUTSIDE of this system but they know how to make temporary money WITHIN this White-dominated system even if it means destroying the Black man and Black woman soul and dignity.

Black revolutionaries, on the contrary, build from scratch after destroying any paradigm and social framework that does not serve the Black people liberation. They are ready to unplug from the comfort of routined lives to confront the establishment. This inevitably entails being officially at war against the systems depriving us of self-determination.

Our ordeal is no longer just a series of isolated struggles, a set of disconnected events in the USA, Europe or elsewhere. It is time to connect the dots.

This brings me back to the situation in Libya where Black Africans are caged, tortured, raped and sold to serve Arab slave masters and this, since 2014, the year when Libya broke down into civil war leaving the country into the hands of the various Islamist militia.

Again, my people, we are at war against nations and civilizations that want to eliminate us because we do not accept what they think is our dedicated slot at the bottom of the 'their' pyramid. They have allocated us to the role of slaves, they want to use us, they want free access to our labor, our organs, and soul. They want free access to our intelligence, craft, creativity, strength and our mineral riches in Africa, the motherland of our people, the richest continent on Earth.

In Chucks Mensa writings, the Black radical political writer, it is mentioned how Western powers simultaneously shut down the 60's Black uproar for freedom and self-determination in Black America and Black Africa. The authentic political revolutionaries were killed and/or put to jail on both sides of the pond and replaced by more consensual, pacified Black puppets that would ultimately maintain the status quo and serve Western Imperialists interests and world perspectives.

In South - Africa, we got Nelson Mandela promoting the rainbow society, a white-dominated so-called multicultural society in replacement of Steve Biko and Marcus Garvey vision for Black Africa.

In Burkina-Faso, we got Blaise Compaore, a catalyst of France Neo-Colonialism in West Africa instead of Thomas Sankara, a true revolutionary who had Africa's best interests at heart. Thomas Sankara was assassinated in 1987 in circumstances that are yet to be elucidated although it is understood that Western powers have a share of responsibility in his death.

Martin Luther King Jr. has always had a better press than Malcolm X in the eyes of the White rulers.  Martin Luther King Jr. was an advocate for harmony and passive ways to try to establish the Black people's rights and self-determination. He failed. But he is a hero in the eyes of mainstream public opinion.

Most people think Martin Luther King Jr. was a better leader over Malcolm X. Because Martin Luther King used harmony and passive ways to address his message, in a way that preserved the status quo, while Malcolm X used violence because he thought it was necessary.

Since the dawn of time, there have been many incidences of foreign attacks against the Black race, through the Transatlantic Slave Trade led by White Christian and Jews and The Saharan Slave Trade led by Arab/Islamist mobs and through the violent subsequent colonialist campaigns. Today these attacks are becoming sophisticated leveraging biological weapons and technology, creating digital divides between the have and have nots, imposing harmful engineered food supply and creating armies of vulnerable Black families throughout the world.

We do not need the United Nations seal to call the Black people ordeal by what it is: It is a genocide. It is a genocide that feeds on the menticide of the Black soul and mind, an eradication of the mental ability to revolt and set a revolution. 

Black Africa and Afro-descent people scattered to the four corners of the earth, revolutionaries need you, they need your united mind and focus. They need your time, your skills and your ideas. Even if some of us are still entangled in the rat race, let's create some time, every day, every week to work and build together, we have a world to re-invent. 

Let us rise up, unapologetically, by all mean necessary, to liberate the Black race.

Nafshiyah, Blogger & Activist Entrepreneur

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