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We are the scatterings of Africa, coming together with our friends to build up the Sub-Saharan African continent into one great nation. After years of slavery through the Transatlantic Slave Trade inflicted by Europeans and the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade inflicted by Arabs to us, the neo/colonialism and the migration tragedies, we are pooling our resources, knowledge, strengths, and spirits to build community centres across Africa. The first community centre's pilots will be in Ghana, Accra and Rwanda, Kigali.

Communities centre will be living spaces where the Afro-descent diasporas and local African populations will re-learn to be a nation, one people working, learning and healing alongside each other.

Funds will be utilised to secure venues both in Accra and Kigali and to open Afro-conscious bookstores, entrepreneurship training rooms, a cafe and trading/exhibition centres where people can exhibit and sell their products.

Our supporters will be entitled to freebies after the community centres launching.  We are inviting all of you to stay tuned with us, please subscribe on our website!

Fundraiser for community Centres:

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