EU, USA leaving their financial system swapping it with gold - We should not keep their currencies!

Dear family today I will speak to you in graphs, images and visuals as much as I can, a way to help you run your own analysis and further your research if needed.

We will try to answer three basic questions today:

1) What's going on, is there a gold rush?

2) Should we keep the White Supremacy's fallen currencies if they are fleeing their own financial system and buying gold by the billions?

3) Should we listen to White Supremacists' advice and recommendation regarding our next financial move?

What's going on, is there a gold rush?

Let's get Bloomberg perspective on this, so the facts can speak for themselves:

The record trading volume affirmed “gold’s status as a safe-haven asset in times of turmoil,” the LBMA said in a note.

Gold trading tracked by the London Bullion Market Association’s LBMA-i service reached almost$100 billion on Monday, the highest-ever daily volume, the association said.

Another article, indicates that Swiss refinery plants are working full speed to produce as much gold as possible - By the way, why Africa, having the biggest gold deposit in the world (The Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa) is not refining its own gold?

So this seems to be a wrap family, they are discarding their paper currencies (not backed by Gold please) and shifting for gold safe - haven.

Guess who is left with paper currencies that have no more value that toilet paper?

I can imagine one these snake's seed arguing that paper currency has a face (?) value and that WE SHOULD TRUST AND KEEP IT!

So 'they'do not want to keep cash and they buying gold but they would like YOU to have cash. Oh no, actually they want YOU to keep money at the bank because of the CORONA PLAN-DEMIC. Or better yet: They want YOU to only have a digital wallet account (they are working on it ) part of a World Digital Currency mapped with the ID 2020 they are planning to force on people. It would be impossible indeed for you to exchange your digital nonsense back to cash or GOLD.

What was the question again? Ah yes, what is going on and is there a gold rush currently?

Someone said that the Coronavirus is a weapon of mass discussion.

However they are sinister theories currently going on, and it looks bad really bad. One thing for sure while Billionnaires are in hidding in their mansions and bunkers, the proletariat is on the frontline dying in masses or waiting for the 'financial stimulus', or any digitalised peanut that could make the population continue they journey of being consuming sheeples of their processed food and synthetic clothes.

So something evil is going on and the Silicon Valley oligarchs, the royalties, mafiosi, sex and organ traffickers,and their coven of celebrities are rushing to gold.

Should we keep the White Supremacy's fallen currencies, while they are fleeing their own financial system and buying gold by the billions

Let's let facts speak again:

The orange line represents the USD evolution and the blue line: Gold.

So, should we keep the White Supremacists' currencies? Let's check how is the EUR currency is doing during this planned-demic. (Source:

The question was: Should we keep their currencies, should we keep playing ball in their financial systems?

Should we follow White Supremacists' governments/mainstream media's directions regarding our next financial moves?

I will let you answer this question for yourself my dear reader, I believe that the rude awakening is already hitting some of our family members really hard, so the idea is to flee from anything that does not have our best interest at heart.

So what should we do, someone may ask? Well, it seems that the 'Westerners' focus is not only gold but (If you cannot buy gold, buy land:

Did you know that land is about to be the first top commodity in this century along with water. So maybe before choosing to buy a condominium or apartment cramped in a urban area, it might be advisable to buy a land plot somewhere in the maybe start growing your own food! Instead of lining up in a supermarket in the city for processed food.

Happy confinement and stay safe!

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