Financial Musings | What Is The Difference Between Asset and Liabilities?


There are a lot of things requiring our attention in the media at the moment, but some of us are stuck with their goals for this year, including their financial goals.

Be assured that people currently troubling the planet have their own best interest at heart and are carefully making financial moves that will ensure that they remain at the top of the pyramid while keeping the usual suspects at the bottom.

Do you entertain negative financial patterns while carefully watching the TV and surfing uncountable hours on social media?

Here at Making Africa | Reloaded we respect your time and would like to draw your attention or remind you some basics that could make a difference in your bottom lines this year.

So here are some reminders about the difference between assets and liabilities and why you should set yourself to boycott any paradigm that does not serve yourself, your loved ones and ultimately our Black Global Family.

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