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"Freedom is a feeeling! Freedom is No Fear!". Nina Simone

Last year, was the reign of the Year of Return 2019 in Ghana, commemorating the 400 Years milestone of the start of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Local Ghanaian dignitaries, chief and kings made moves to allocate free pieces of land and Ghana nationality to the diaspora returnees.

A couple of months ago, our people where in an exhilarating mood, we had a many reasons to rejoice. Most of Black people followed closely the marking of the 400 years. The social media started being inundated with Afro-conscious groups by the thousands,, we had entered officially the Awakening of Black people's era across the earth.

We suddenly become aware in a more acute way of the lot of our people they've been through the last hundreds, even thousands of years.

I remember devouring kilometres of knowledge through books, articles videos about Black consciousness.

I was still based in Europe in the pic of the awakening last year, and the more I was reading and investigating about the condition of the Black people, the more I wanted to be divorced from the treachery of the mainstream media, the schooling system and the economic system.

We started off re-learning about the bottomless evil of the European Christian and Jewish slave masters, their cruelty and sadism towards black slaves on the plantations, but just to find out that we had to put also our nose back in the ugliness of the Indian Slave Trade by Arabs and Indians, that took place in East Africa.

Earlier that year, reports of Africans being sold as slaves in Libya started to make to the headlines again.

And then...we realised that the African 1960's independence Cha Cha movement was a staged treachery, the independence of Africa never happened. The same way that the Black Civil Rights movement was a masquerade that just re-engineered black people to believe that they had been 'set free': Looking today at the USA social fabric and statistics, the majority of Black people are at the bottom of the social pyramid.

As we became awake, our consensual friends from other ethnic groups did not want to hang out with us anymore, we were no longer fun, in the peace and love / Kumbaya previous mode.

Complaining about being Black and Blue became categorised as 'Hate Speech' and 'Being Racist'. Social media checkers, started to put us in digital jails, whenever we shared some uncomfortable truth. How many of us saw their social media accounts blocked by the digital police? Many.

A Brutal Awakening

Black people have no friends became our motto. White folks didn't understand why we were still aching, but didn't they know that our ancestors live in us and our cells memory is imprint with our ancestors multi-generational sufferings? And it has not been necessarily fun either to be Black lately, be it in the Americas, in Asia or Europe.

They did not understand why Africans on the continent would take personally the thousands of Black women missing in the USA through human trafficking, or the horrendous videos of police abusing and/or shooting against Black people in the USA. They did not understand why we would be extremely shocked by children as young as 7, threatened by the police.

On the other hand, our brothers and sisters in the USA helped Africans located in Africa acknowledging that they were still in chains on their own land, the Motherland. So what were we freaking doing all of this time while they were in chains in the Americas, huh? The answer is that we were also in chains on the other side of the pond. Same shit different place.

Get Over It, They Said

Listen, we are not getting over it, Non-black people just have to get it, we have our freedom and dignity to take back, plus as Black people we are the spiritual custodians of the Land of Honey and Milk, a.k.a Africa. It is time to all of us scattered physically, mentally or spiritually across the earth, to come back home, and we will be doing just that: Being Blacklicious and building ourselves back into a nation, a prosperous nation.

Girl, Africa is Rich

What are those companies extracting minerals from the continent like there is no tomorrow, and when checking their board of directors, 99% of their of their boards are non-Black and Blue individuals who repatriate all profits back to Asia, the Middle-East, Europe or the USA . But guess who is working like dogs while they are sleeping like logs. Guess who is paid peanuts and risking their lives in pits and tunnels to extract the precious oil, tantalum, gold, diamonds, sapphires, tourmaline and niobium?

We Don't Have Time To Explain, We Got Work To Do.

Let get some work done my people. We do no longer have time to explain to the oppressors why we are tired of the oppression.

First thing is to divorce from 'their system' they designed for their own benefits. Understand this: African is the richest continent on the earth, and you have a birthright to it as a Black person. African does not need the world. The world needs Africa. Working together to create wealth and entering boldly in our call to get back our inheritance is the way to go. The USD has no value and its next digital version about to be imposed to clueless people has less value than the finest and least grain of African sand.

So think about it.

Are you going to spend the next years of your precious life in chains? Are you sure that the matrixed certainties of the Western world are better that the Wild possibilities in Africa.

Choices. Choices.

Blessings or Curses.

Life or death.

All are personal choices.

So a couple of months ago, I boarded a plane from Europe to Africa with a few suitcases, no guaranteed job or massive savings and never look back. Naysayers repeatedly told me that it was not a good idea, invoking the Western social benefits, medical care and pensions programs for old aged folks.

Today I am grateful of being able to sustain myself, I also know to heal myself using ancient African knowledge, using plants and fasts. Sickness is not a problem for me, I know how to build up immunity and eating alkaline food. I am not too far from my parents and I can take care of them. I am close to my love ones. And these are the family values I want to pass on to my children.

I do not regret relocating to the Motherland. It is not easy but we help each other, and laugh a lot, despite the odds.

The global system was an illusion.

I pray the Most High to bring back as many as possible of you back home, sound and safe. I will stand until the end for my people. I will continue to boldly ask to the Creator of Heaven and Earth to sustain my people. I will speak to the sun and the stars day and night until I see a better day for us.

Let's work on ourselves and put the right systems in place.

We have our own financial and trading systems to put in place.

Join the task force:

Stay wonderful and kind.



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