👉🏿Let's be real and continue supporting the Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program

Updated: May 8, 2020

What is the Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program?


//Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program, Inc. intends to address this racial maltreatment and oppression directly by removing our people from these hostile environments and begin the migration back to the African continent!//

To become a patreon of the program:

You can chip any amount you want, so let's be real and support the return of our people mistreated abroad (Yeah we need to engage our money, only posting on FB is not enough).

Disclaimer: Making Africa| Reloaded has no affiliation with the Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program, however we promote positive initiatives stemming from our people to advance the progress and liberation of the Global Black Family.

I am pasting below one of Bob Marley song lyrics hoping it resonates with those of us who are in a position to support this initiative and those of us who wish to return to the Motherland:

Bob Marley & Wailers - Exodus

Exodus: Movement of Jah people! Oh-oh-oh, yea-eah!


Men and people will fight ya down (Tell me why!)

When ya see Jah light. (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Let me tell you if you're not wrong; (Then, why?)

Everything is all right.

So we gonna walk - all right! - through de roads of creation:

We the generation (Tell me why!)

(Trod through great tribulation) trod through great tribulation.Exodus, all right! Movement of Jah people!

Oh, yeah! O-oo, yeah! All right!

Exodus: Movement of Jah people! Oh, yeah!Yeah-yeah-yeah, well!

Uh! Open your eyes and look within:

Are you satisfied (with the life you're living)? Uh!

We know where we're going, uh!

We know where we're from.

We're leaving Babylon,

We're going to our Father land.

Great day all!

p.s Our weekly Afro-descent marketplace and networking events are still open for registration!



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