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We will increasingly have to create our own jobs in the Motherland. My purpose is not to point fingers at specific Sub-Saharan African countries regarding their skyrocketing level of unemployment because I need not to, they are ALL doing really bad in terms of creating an economic environment conducive to African people prosperity. The proof of that is the large number of our brother and sisters still being taken captive to Libya on their way through the Sahara desert to reach the European shores.

Below are two studies regarding the unemployment rate in Africa. Let me know if the writings on the walls are not visible enough for us to understand that there is a need to create our own jobs. Politics and promises of new politics are what they are: Promises. In the meantime we need to put food on the table everyday for our families and pay bills, so we rather converge and create our own. And remember this, most politicians, current or upcoming have never created successful business in their lives so they are the least people to listen to when it comes to creating wealth. They know how to talk, sign agreements or put military forces on the ground but they are clueless on how money really works.

So let's get to work and let them talk.

Moving away a bit from these gloomy perspectives and numbers, we need to envision how we can create our own jobs and stand our ground against all odds.

Today we will dive into online opportunities allowing our people to market their talents while creating various streams of revenues. Know that there are rewards awaiting the most tenacious and result oriented among us.

Are you ready for the investment? You can only succeed if you put the needed amount of dedication of passion!

So, what does it represent in terms of amount of work and consistency to be successful in the digital space?


Now, what are main steps towards your Brain/talent monetization?

It is important to know that one need to complete the upfront work before moving to cashing online content.


Identify something you really love doing.

The main reason being that if your work relates to something you enjoy doing day-to-day, it will give you energy instead of draining you.


Identify your audience: Customise your passion to meet what the market want

Now that you are connected to your passion, you need to find recurring paying customers, subscribers who identify with your energy, your product, talent and who are looking for what you have to offer. Do your homework and narrow down your audience demographics, social specificity, preferences in terms of social platforms, connection schedules and technologies (is your crowd using more smartphones or desktop computers are an example of question you ca ask yourself?)


Lay out your story: Be authentic

There are zillions of talented people occupying the digital space, what will make you stand out is your God-given uniqueness, your non-copy-and-paste identity, your non-boring self stemming from your core and authentic persona.

Tell your story and build up your empire!


Identify your monetization model and plan for it (Remember? Consistency is key)

Follow successful digital people and be inspired by their monetization models and tips. Collaborate with like - minded people and capitalize on existing networks. Why should your digital journey be a lonely one? Socialize and put together your tribe!

Here at Making Africa | Reloaded we've put together tools to assist you is your digital journey. You can do it! If you need technical or marketing assistance to implement your vision and explore financial freedom opportunities, reach out to us, our team has several years of experience within the IT space, community building, behavioural psychology and Afro-descent group economics. We would like to see our brothers and sisters empowered and able to tap into digital opportunities. Get in touch here!

Nafshiyah, Co-founder at Making Africa | Reloaded

Digital Space Enabler

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