My preferred badass people: The Sentinelese tribe (Part 2)

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The most dignified Black/Afro people are not in Africa, the Americas or Europe, they are in the Adamanese Islands (Under the India government), they are our people of African descent and they are called: the 👑👑👑Sentinelese tribe👑👑👑.

1) They do not let you enter in their territories 2) They do not accept gifts from foreigners 3) They do not accept the White men religions 4) They do not smile at you just because you are a tourist with some potential money - They are ready to kill you if you do not leave them alone

India and Western countries have tried to approach them with alcohol and western food but they refused them.

Dignity is what some Afro-descendants people need to re-learn, instead of being ready to bend and crawl for money or roll with missionaries, White envoys or they Black house slaves / sell outs.…/my-current-preferred-badass…

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