There are more and more Black-owned social media platforms out there, such as Black Junction and Blackenuf, I created accounts there and it is refreshing to engage with our Global Black Family while supporting Black - owned platforms and businesses.

I encourage my readers to check those platforms and let me know what is your feedback in the comment section!

While we are speaking about black people coming together outside of the mainstream social media giants, I would like to introduce our version at Making Africa | Reloaded of a social platform aimed at empowering us at all levels including encouraging concepts such as community living, co-enterprises, sharing economy etc. I believe our communities are getting to a point where venturing in business alone can be overwhelming or relocating to Africa to start a new life can be like this unattainable dream that is postponed continuously to an unknown future.

At Making Africa| Reloaded we are saying why don't we do this together like pioneers used to do it? Pooling resources, Co-owning land, Sharing farming knowledge, building communities where new settlers used to live next to each other and put together their hand to the plow for the benefit of the largest group. This will be needed until our economic power has attained a sufficient critical mass where can take back the control of the African continent from the hands of the European and Asian imperialists and African sell outs leaders taking orders from the West.

Watch this space for our upcoming solutions for low-cost, sustainable relocation to the Motherland! Use the contact form if you have questions for us or create an account to share your thoughts and ideas to push Africa forward.

Looking forward to nation building with you!

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