🖐🏿Our Time Has Come

Now that THEIR system is down, it is a great opportunity to visualize away from our usual busyness, WHERE we are going, even while we're still in chains, we set our internal eyes on how we want our ERA to be.

✊🏿It is time for us to rule. So let us us these times of confinement to learn to upgrade the quality of our soul and spirit. Let's develop true leadership skills that will make a difference in a world plagued by individualism and selfishness.

It is time to publish decrees to the sun and the stars in their courses.It is time to call meetings with the elements and exercise our authority.It is time to give assignments to all invisible hosts.

Every single physical place is shut down? Engage with the invisible, go for an internal walk with Our Creator.So now let there be resilience, how about you check the biographies of those who survived.

👆🏾Have you read the stories of people who learned new languages, skills, prepared revolutions, meditated on new disruptive technologies while in hiding places and facing death, 🖐🏿as a survival strategy they set their minds on what they will do when they will be OUT, this internal drive eventually bent their circumstances.💖When they STEP OUT away from their ordeal, they had mutated into weapons of massive liberation.So let us trust the process, prepare, continue strategizing and let us have no fear.

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