Petition to stop the New Slave Trade of Black Africans in Libya and other areas occupied by Islamist

To: African Union

Copy: Afro-conscious activists across the Earth

🔥🔥🔥History is repeating🔥🔥🔥.

Since the 7th century marking the first invasion of Arab Muslim nations into North Africa, more than 60 millions of Black Africans have been sold on slave markets in Morocco, Libya, Algeria, and East -Africa coastal posts. This Arab Muslim led slave trade extended to the Atlantic Slave trade centuries later, led by Western / European powers which overall led to the biggest Holocaust in the history of humanity.

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We, the people from Sub-Saharan Africa and people of African descent based in North America, South America, Europe, the Caribbean Islands and everywhere Black people are scattered, are requesting the immediate ceasing of the slave trade and organ trafficking affecting Black Africans in Libya, North Africa.

Since the beginning of the Libyan Civil War in 2014, Black Africans from different parts of the continent are victims of the historical racism and slave trade from Arabs that stems from the Muslim conquest of North Africa that commenced in the 7th century (647) where at least 28 000 000 of Black Africans were sold to slave markets in current Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Libya in public places and souks.

Today, in 2019, History is repeating, where hundreds of thousands of Black Africans are being smuggled by Arabs trafficking and terrorists in the Sahara desert.

Islamist terrorist organizations extract revenues from kidnapping and torturing Black Africans for payments from their relatives. Black Africans preyed by Islamist terrorists face forced prostitution, torturing, whipping, chains, mutilations, rape, and organs harvesting. Black Africans are cut open for their organs, tissues and other body parts.

More than 9 million people in Black Africa are estimated to be in modern slavery - the highest prevalence in the world - and the value of forced labor on the African continent is estimated to USD14 Billions.

The Black Africans trapped in Libya are fleeing their original African countries dominated by Western, Arab and Asian Imperialism powers currently looting minerals and oil in Africa, the Earth's richest continent.

Since 2017, when first pieces of evidence of slave markets were reported by major international media outlets, no major coordinated action has been triggered to stop once for all the horrendous ordeal of Black Africans in Libya, where the situation is worsening with abject videos, photos and disheartening accounts of degradation treatments suffered by Black Africans are circulating on daily basis on social media, media outlets and human rights platforms.

Smugglers are known to force young Black African girls to take contraceptives before their journey to Libya since it is expected that they will be raped multiple times during the trip.

We are requesting the Africa Union and Human Rights organizations to take immediate major actions on the world stage to stop immediately and once for all the trade slave and organ harvesting of Black African people in Libya


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