#PowerWednesday: Land opportunity in Ghana , Creative revenue making ideas, Made in Africa products

Dear readers,

This is a message to let you know about fantastic opportunities that we came across and believe can accelerate you reaching of your #2020FinancialGoals!

But enough of hashtagging let's get too it!

Land opportunity in Ghana: 50 acres of land for the Diasporas!!!

This brother relocated from the USA to Ghana a couple of years ago and has lived since then with his wife, they are changing the game of off-grid leaving and organic farming in Africa. Why would you be a slave in this system via utility companies and greedy electricity companies without mentioning the crap/processed food sold in supermarket!

I love the word he uses to describe their newly found freedom: Seeds of Sovereignty.

Check his latest video and be activated in your sovereignty plan!

14 Creative ways to create side streams of revenue

.The Caucasian led global economy system strive in maintaining as many people as possible in abject dependency, poverty and ignorance.

They have a plan for your life:

1) Be brainwashed in their schools so you are a perfect robot buying everything you need from them

2) Get into the rat race: Work yourself to death while you eat their heart-attack and diabetes friendly-food their provide in your supermarkets

3) Die like a dog after they've thrown few peanuts at you that can't sustain your dignity nor your loved ones.

So take back you sovereignty my people: Spiritually, Emotionally, Financially. Leverage your spirituality in a way that serves YOU not THEM.

If you are a believer, ask the Most High to help you pivot spiritually from the slave status to the Kingship status. You are not on the earth to be abused by those who hate Him (Whatever their ethnicity and belief systems - Remember some black people could not care less about their own people).

This is what most people do not understand. God is not the problem. Some people are out and about firing God and switching Gods. The problem is YOU. Even if you proclaim being done with God and being an atheist, you are serving Mammon, a system that does not give a S%$£&!! about you. You do not want to buy land, you prefer to buy excruciatingly expensive Jordan Air. You do not buy from Black Businesses, you buy only from other communities only who never had a positive impact in Black communities or so little. You do not use you energy to scan the businesses that are worth supporting.

So let's move to 14 ways to create various streams of revenue and change your status quo:

Last and not least: Get your organic Made in Ghana Black soap

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Have a successful week!!!


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