Series: We Are Rising Up As An Army - Inspiration: Haiti's Jean-Jacques Dessalines

We are still going through this brutal awakening and given the recent accelerating events we might have no time to request apologies from our various enemies across the world be it White nurses and doctors statistically attending less to our Afro-descent brother and sisters in the USA comparing to White patients or Chinese throwing Africans out of hotels and residency and refusing their entry into shops.

We do not have time to engage in diplomatic conversations with people who have been our enemies since the dawn of time. It is not the time to forgive and forget. Again.

It is time to fight back

As Bob Marley sang it: Fight for your rights.

Fight for your birthright to the African continent. Fight for your rights to the land and its mineral resources beneath.

It is time to kick out non-Black people out of Africa, especially those with evil agendas, those who love to infiltrate us or interfere with their de-population and looting agendas.

If we would look hard at the situation we would realise that we do not need Westerners and Asians goods and services, it is our lust towards foreign, imported lifestyles that has led us to where we are today.

Do we really need all the Made in Plastic products from China? Do we need their synthetic and ugly clothes? Do we need their oily and out-of-date stinky food? Walk in the street of the Motherland you would quickly realise that the Chinese sneak in expired food, second hand clothes, broken devices on the shelves of their supermarkets and grocery stores in Africa.

Do we need the diabetes-inducing processed food imported from the USA, the UK or the UE?

Don't we have everything we need on the continent? Do we even need to travel to Europe or the Americas? Is there a more beautiful continent than ours? Or what is your problem, aren't you tired yet by the historical monuments of France eroded by pollution and that reminisce an era when your parents where used as slaves' production machines and sexual toys for European slave masters, or rather do you miss Brussels streets covered by dogs's poo?

What is this misplaced fascination of yours for your enemies' matrix?

Can't we make our own clothes and shoes? Don't we look even more regal and elegant in our African-inspired outfits? Why do you want to wrap yourself in a Made in China skinny jean, so tight that it hinders your access to oxygen supply?

Today I would like to share the story of Jean-Jacques Dessalines

Jean-Jacques Dessalines was a leader of the Haitian Revolution and the first ruler of an independent Haiti under the 1805 constitution. He ordered the 1804 Haiti massacre of the remaining white population of native French people. Under Dessalines, Haiti became the first country in the Americas to permanently abolish slavery.

Let's watch this excellent resources about this extraordinary man and historical rebellions from our people and their strategies.

Keep your fighting spirit high, let us be strategic and united!

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