The all white city called Orania in South Africa where Black people are not welcome

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

In 2019, there is an all white city called Orania in South Africa where Black people are not welcome.

W must see this as the real essence of White Europeans who invaded and stole fertile land in the Americas, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Australia and New Zealand etc. The massive Europeans migration expansion started in 1750 where they continuously imposed they barbaric White Supremacist activities to native people through terror, rape, robbery, torture and manipulation.

The USA, Australia and New Zealand are ILLEGAL states with their government that have committed genocides on Africans and other Indigenous populations, these countries should be should be dissolved in order to give back the ENTIRE land to Indigenous people. And no, Europeans have absolutely no right to build 'White only' cities on the planet except in Europe their original dwelling.

"Thou shall not steal" these Europeans hypocrites read in their bible during their Sunday church services.

Woe to White and Black PASTORS, IMAMS and RABBIS who are not campaigning or raising awareness about the injustices that Black/African/Natives people are going through. They prefer focusing on 'consensual' topics so that tithes, donations and offerings keep flowing. They are afraid of upsetting the governments, because they are more afraid of men than the Creator. They are cowards incapable to name the abuse still going on towards Black Americans, Black Africans, Aborigines, Black Arabs and Black Indians.

Woe to White Christians, Muslims and Jews who do not speak up who do speak up in favour of justice because they want to keep their White privileges. They only settle to send their used shoes, used clothes, outdated computers to Africa but will by no mean challenge their governments for a more righteous world.

If you, White believers, believe in the Most High are you not the ones claiming that your provision should come from Him? But you prefer to partake silently and in a submissive way in the Economy system of Mammon that is throwing scores of families into abject poverty and destroying the environment. When was the last time you used your brains and faith to create alternative economic systems?

Woe to Black/Afro Christians, Black/Afro Muslims and so-called Black Jews/Hebrew Isrselites who have become comfortable in the global E-coon-omy and not interested into building Africa up. You are so hooked up on the rat race, thinking that the White Supremacist system has something in store for you. You are so gone that you do not realise how much of a hypocrit coon you have become. When was the last time you used your brains and faith to create value for the African continent?

I say this my people: When you see the Most High judging pastors, imams, rabbis, governments, leaders etc. Let them collapse like a pile of trash. They do not deserve the slightest compassion from anyone.

To the beneficiaries of White privileges: Don't you know that your hands you lift up in your worship services in churches, synagogues and mosques, stink in the face on the Creator of Heaven and Earth? Your hands are covered with multi-generational rotten blood of BLACK Natives/ Indigenous people of the Americas, Africa, Australia and New Zealand that your fathers have shed for centuries to establish you as the heirs of an inhuman global system . While you walk on the surface of the earth enjoying your White privileges, know this: The clock is ticking, and the time is coming and already here when you will have to account for your lethargic hypocrisy.

Nations of this world, know this:

Africa is emerging as the ultimate divine dimension that will liberate mankind.

Join the African global revolution.

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Picture: ABC News

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