🔥🔥🔥Read on CNN🔥🔥🔥 [Source: By Faith Karimi, CNN -Updated 1043 GMT (1843 HKT) October 4, 2019]

****The police need your help to track this woman who danced and waved at a lion at the Bronx zoo*** ...CNN said.

They published her full name on all media outlets, and a manhunt (woman hunt) is currently ongoing to find her and...jail her?

Here are my observations:

1) What is this obsession of White Euro/American authorities in resolving everything with putting people into jail?

They aren't even done handing over the USA back to Native Americans and honestly their successive governments should be the ones to be put in jail. Even historical presidents and governments of the USA should be condemned and put to jail IN ABSENTIA for all their crimes against Native and Black people for the last centuries

2) Why did they publish her name on the internet without assessing her mental health first before advertising her as a criminal? She may have trespassed the lion's den illegally but not one got killed, even the lion is safe and we are not sure yet about her mental status.

Isn't that how you, White authorities of the USA, deal with White folks breaking the law, how many times have you been bashing our ears about the mental health status of mass killers?


3) When White people hang out in Africa in Safaris or come to do business in Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania etc, they trespass Africa left and right:

- They take selfies with lions and crocodiles and dance with snakes - When they're done with the dancing, they or their White colleagues kill them lions and decorate their living room with dead animal trophies - White scientists and authors take pictures of Black people and publish them in National Geographic without Black people consent and payout - They flood the continent with genetically modified seeds and vaccines - They run anthropological study and research on the African soil, rob African artifacts, put them in museums in Europe / USA and/or auction for millions of USD or EUROS - Some of them entertain prostitution, shagging poor Black men and Black Women for a few dollars and they get away with it, polluting Africa with this capitalistic culture where everything and everyone is available for sale

My point is:

1) This Black Woman currently being chased in New York by hordes by policemen and maybe by the United State Army and Air Force is my African sister whose ancestors were brought by White mercenaries and human traffickers a.k.a White slave traders. There is a possibility that some of her African ancestors used to wave at lions.

2) Brace yourself for what is going to happen to this Black sister, I still hope she will get the help she needs instead of being traumatized by this inhuman system.

3) This is another proof of the ugly double standards taking place in the USA when it comes to Black people.

4) My black people, when we fully get back Africa, our motherland and our land across the world, I beg, NEVER FORGET/ NEVER FORGIVE these people, the way they treated us while we were living in the same soil, in the Americas, Europe...

We are not killers, not willing to kill these people, we are claiming our land and possessions so that we get ETERNALLY separate from them.

Do not believe their religion where they invented the New Testament to lie about the fact that there are two branches coming together and reconcile. They invented that and tampered the bible with their imperialistic obsession of subduing/uniting nations to their ego-oriented will.

God even said it himself...I hated Esau.

Nafshiyah, Blogger and Activist Entrepreneur at

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