The brutal patronizing attitude of White people towards Black / Afro Africa

Botswana and Africa as a whole the cradle of Humanity (picture from CNN article published on 29th Oct 2019)

Today CNN published an article about Botswana and Africa as a whole being the Cradle of Humanity where Modern Humans originated.

The picture speaks for itself with a White person in the midst of our African brothers, The: Let Me Squat With You In The Bush So I Can Coon You In My Fallen Capitalistic Matrix

It is the epitome of the brutal patronizing attitude of White people towards Black / Afro people on the continent.

There is a lot of literature on the subject about the African continent being where Modern Humans originated. However when those scientists come up with their theories and so-called facts generating from their White Supremacist ethos and agenda, there is a good chance they are spreading lies.

Is this Africa = The Cradle of Humanity theory even true? It might stroke some of our people's ego, but on the other hand it has been put out there by our oppressors. The Western nations have often used this cover of anthropological missions to violate local ecosystems and cultures and more so to build divisive narratives among African populations.

They came, about a hundred of years ago to the Great Lakes region to crystallise the divisive narrative about Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, my home country.

They did the same thing, they sent their Anthropologists squads to Rwanda and then their Supremacists selves started digging here and there, stole artefacts in the process and concluded that it should be interesting to encourage Hutus and Tutsis to clash with each other. Years later my country collapsed into the Genocide of the Tutsis with Western military powers manipulating the stings in the background.

Black people, are being manipulated into believing that White people have the right to investigate our history narrative and own it.

They make us believe that they belong with us on the African continent and that they can come teach us our history and steal historical artefacts.

What if Europeans people originated in the Caucasians mountains? Isn't that why they are called Caucasians?

What is this pathological obsession with Africa?

Another thing to note is that White Supremacists own huge chunks of land in Botswana, could it be that this new Botswana being the Cradle of Humanity is a marketing coup for them to up the value of their land or to funnel some big money to their White owned businesses?

What will be the impact on our local ecosystems and local cultures?

Let us, Black people take back our dignity and continent, let us unite for a brighter future in our Motherland.

We are already Kings and Queens belonging to the richest continent on earth, we do not need anybody validation about how great we are. (Link to the original CNN article published on 29 Oct 2019)

Nafshiyah, blogger and activist entrepreneur at

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