Our oppressors are at the forefront of the Covid-19 media coverage. They are soiling our ears with their perspectives, financing fearmonging and turning people into fearful armies of passive zombies.

There is no cure! they bark in the headlines. But a large portion of people are recovering.

They are so sad that that the virus is not spreading enough in Africa.

The best way to checkmate our enemies is to interpret events from a knowledge of self standpoint and move ruthlessly out of their matrix. The universe and our Creator has been waiting for us to make the right moves in terms of sovereignty, economics, health, diet, relationships and spirituality.

It is up to us to be set free, the word has already set the path for us.

And we must separate.

This is the accurate interpretation of the current crisis.

We do not care about who created this virus, and we do not have time for conspiracy-ping pong type of discussion. What is important for us is that our Creator allowed this crisis, and we should focus on GETTING OUT.

The issue is that our people are a peculiar people with stubborness tendancies, who will not move unless there is an extreme situation going on.

Unfortunately a lot of us have more confidence in the White supremacist led systems, than they are confident in themselves and their Creator.

You really want to be stuck with people who have no souls? They are disconnected from life and their solution is to de-populate us. They are distroying the earth and its ecosystems but they are worried of us being too many, so to reduce the CO2 emissions they keep polluting the earth but killing us and pushing us to kill each other help their bottom lines. 🤷🏿‍♀️

So let's unite then right? Who do they think they are, requiring us to remain under their spell?

The way the universe works: You have to make a bold decision before the universe supports you, you have to show the Most High that you made up your mind, and then take a sheet of paper, sit in the spiritual realms - have a conversation with your Creator and strategize your way out.

You do not need an intermediary to do that. You have direct access to your Creator.

The plan might be a leap of faith: pack your things and take yo ass to the closest airport and LEAVE. Yes, exactly. Many people have done this before. They emigrated with just 30 USD or less, they left everything behind and started their life all over again in another country.

Welcome to Africa. The true land of the free. It will not be easy. But you have yourself, you feet, your eyes, you mind... Isn't what Nina Simone was singing about?

This time the Most High is with us and no one can be against us.

Would love to hear your thoughts and most importantly how can my team and I at can help you manifest your dream? Talk to us today!


With love from Rwanda


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