Updated: Oct 25, 2019

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This article is only for an audience interested to connect with the Motherland and in the relationship between spirituality and identity topics.

Africans have been lured for several centuries into swapping their original royal calling with the Colonialist identity proposals:

- Minorities instead of world rulers

- Immigrants instead of landowners

- Job-seekers instead of businessmen and businesswomen

- Borrowers instead of lenders

Today, in this season of great awakening, more people of African descent across the world are un-learning EVERYTHING they learned from the Westerners, who invaded Africa and contaminated the motherland with lies and mislead identities construct. 

These identity misconstructions have led to nations of incapable to compete favorably with Western powers on the world stage.

We were encouraged by generations of pastors, imams and rabbis to dilute our royalty in paralyzing religions that ultimately occupied the best of our time and energy. We wasted our money building churches, mosques, and synagogues that The Most High perfectly detest. We contributed to the building of religious leaders' estate and were left on the sidelines of life. Because we believed the lies about the need to go through an 'intermediary' to reach the heart of our creator.

There is a more sinister consequence to all of these years wasted within man-made religions: most of us remained entangled with our oppressors White Caucasian/Arab supremacist economic system. Their religions pacified us into fitting into a world that misleads us into believing we are in need of 'them' while the contrary holds true: We are better off without 'them'.

We thought it was a time problem, that with time and some prayers we will get along with 'them'. We thought that over time we would somewhat make it in 'their' systems. But looking closer to our fellow people of African descent who are making money within the system, have you not noticed that no matter how much billions they make, they are not able to overturn the status quo for Black people in America and Africa? They are just fitting in and avoiding to talk about the elephant in the room.  People of Afro-descent who are part of the 1% super-rich remain in a submissive state because they make their money within the white man system.

The whole purpose of Making Africa | Reloaded is to engineer new narratives and a common identity that will be the foundation for our path towards a unified Sub-Saharan, Black Africa.

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