The poisoned Mind of Africans

By Jeremiah Africa Donald, Co-founder at

In the minds of African people, there have been dangerous things committed by people who are not only Non-African ethnically or racially, but extremely Anti-African life, cultures, awakening, and elevation. This Anti-African nature they possess is not just a mindset, but it's also an ever developing entity focused on the suppression, and contortion of the African mind. It must be understood that this wasn't something done by accident or irrational thought. But rather this was an intentional start, and it's continuous in a progressive manner to ensure its intent, all of which is an opposing interest for us as African people. Mental warfare such as this, that has been waged against us for more than 2,500 years, leaves no room for apologies and or accidental occurrences. 

With that being said, for an African to still consider giving such an antagonist further opportunities, is like the robbed having a hard time letting the hand of the robber go. It seems that Stockholm syndrome is no stranger to our people, in fact it's become the very base for mental downloads. Surely, it's the result of severe brainwashing done by a nemesis that is absent of humaneness. Unfortunately, even for the "educated" African, this plague of embracing mental assassination is troubling to spot and correct. However, this comes as no surprise for the African that has reclaimed and secured his original mind, intellectual treasure, and dignity. One of our great ancestors Carter G. Woodson has once stated a gut wrenching fact, "The so-called modern education, with all its defects, however, does others so much more good than it does the Negro, because it has been worked out in conformity to the needs of those who have enslaved and oppressed weaker peoples" (woodson, 1933, p. 2) . With this we see the environment planted in order to commence the psychological alliance with enemy personnel, necessary for the development of self-perpetuated assistance in their own demise. Such a methodical form of indoctrinating enslaved populations, is the result of inculcated ideas of inferiority, critical thinking suppression, intellectual white-washing, and the despisement of your own people; Not because they are "uneducated", as the Europeans deemed them, but really because they have not successfully fell victim to the criteria of the enslavers acceptancy. As the so called uneducated or better yet the untamed, stays just within reach of himself to critically analyze; Sadly the educated or tamed African has been intellectually stripped of himself, while remaining in the mentally hostile oven of the European. 

This causes the indoctrinated African to disdain their own true identity, culture, and those who embrace what they reject. Classic accomplishment for the colonizer, as the victims become a self-imprisoning entity in preventing their own revolution. Unfortunately, their identity becomes shameful, and even in some cases it becomes forgotten and perpetuated as the norm for the next generations, a generational identity crisis. Such mindsets of this as action will antagonize that which is necessary for them to do, and even go as far as lusting for incoherency. Sadly the culture will disappear or exist at a very feeble level of recognition. But the culture also becomes abominated by the natural heirs, as the great Dr. John Henrik Clarke has explained before, “To control a people you must first control what they think about themselves and how they regard their history and culture. And when your conqueror makes you ashamed of your culture and your history, he needs no prison walls and no chains to hold you”. As a result of that, people become an active reflection and suspect of their own destruction.

The Remedy for poison removal

As for the solution, how is it that we embark upon discarding ourselves of this poisoned mind? We as Africans must reinstate our primordial affinity with critical thinking, all by cultivating the objective inspection of the situation we have progressively been in, and ourselves in an unfortunate state of mind (poisoned mind). However, the base must be laid first so that understanding harden, and secure our process of revolution. In the book titled, Raising Awareness past, present, future; two polished African elders accentuate the importance of this, "we start with understanding what critical thinking is. As you will see the solid foundation must be laid first. Nothing can be accomplished without first getting your own house in order. Even your spiritual life will not bear fruit and your efforts will be a barren landscape. Your ability to adequately and correctly process information will prove to be ultimately embarrassing. All future victories will be defeats unless you master this ability to think correctly and to properly discern." (Mwamba and Mzee, 2020, p. 19) . Knowing that, we must operate in accordance with that by following up everything methodologically. 

Lastly, allow me to go into depth regarding this process. Nothing can be missed in this process, clear parasitical events we experienced including subtle aspects must not be addressed in a nonchalant manner, or it will compromise the insurance of mental poison removal. Some examples of checkpoints during this process is humility, skepticism, synthesis, inference, and sacrifice. During this process, humility will reveal the truth to you while researching or studying, preventing you from acting blind to the reality of what has happened to us. Next, Skepticism will be your original critical thinking abilities resurfacing as a system used to expose our enemies crimes against our minds, and will allow you to elaborate on this in a detailed manner. Following that, Synthesis is the amalgamation of ideas to form a system of theories revealing the evidence of the case against our opposition. Also that you have become well studied in this subject, you have recognized the methodology used against and have developed a useful and tangible counter method. Succeeding will be Inference, which is the condensation of the information accrued by way of simplifying complexity into simplified logical scientific theories, opening way for the conclusive reality concerning the subject. As for the last step, let me first say that it is a shame that consider this a sacrifice in a literal sense. But I understand that it is seen as that based on the overwhelming of individuals that fear going against the unfortunate norm, versus those of us who don't ignore essentiality. Surely, sacrifice is the action of you separating from what you know is causing the mental poisoning of our people, regardless of losing the petty tokenized position in the oppressive force's agenda. It is our duty to remove the poison from our minds of opposing agendas and ruthless colonization, our ancestors didn't teach Sankofa for no reason.



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Jeremiah Africa Donald is a co-founder at, a community platform dedicated to the mental and economic empowerment of all people of African descent.

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