The White European/Arabs Supremacist's strategy for Africa facilitated by some African leaders

***Caveat: I am denouncing here belief systems, cultures, collective mental constructs, economic systems and religious crimes - No need to feel offended unless you are partaking and have signed off into this evil global system affecting Africa in an unprecedented manner***

So their strategy is:


1) Imposing Black governments so-called leaders/ puppets/sell outs (a.k.a double agents) throughout Africa as leaders


2) Imposing their White/Arabs Military bases to support their crimes in every corner of Africa 💥💥💥

3) Imposing to some of those African greedy leaders to trade mostly with Western countries and Asia instead of prioritizing Africa internal trade in order to push for weak economies led by Developing aid programs and ensuring that the White Caucasians/Arabs/Asian led multinationals/investors pay 0 taxes or almost nothing and can repatriate 100% profits out of the continent (The African elite get their % to maintain the system) 💥💥💥

4) Once the African nations governance and economy is weak and that poverty is increasing, identify poor, cynical and lawless Africans, ready to do anything for money, who can be divided into opposing factions and give them AK47s and all other types of weapons to create civil unrest, rapes, kidnappings. 💥💥💥

5) Create military 'support mission' to TRAIN all factions including the government to ensure they all have equal powers and that local wars are endless, creating a lawless environment giving free access to European multinationals (EU/USA/Australia/New Zealand) to Africa's riches: Coltan, diamonds, gold, crops...


5) Implement Christian Charities or Islamist madrassa schools to hijack vulnerable Black children into sex and organ trafficking (It is a multi-billion business - 👉🏾Do your research)


6) Send a lot of missionaries to Africa to brainwash local population into a White Jewish Jesus or brainwash them with a White Arabic Allah, so that Black people think that the White Caucasians/Arabs led world is a good option, because Blacks/ Afro descent people are manipulated in thinking that actually they can be saved through a JEWISH =CAUCASIAN=EUROPEAN or WHITE ARABIC SAVIOR (So Black Africans think: Why bother? There is no need to rebel or fight back, we are saved through them!)


7) Ensure that White missionaries and Black pastors/imams mess up with the African mind, by creating zillions of churches and mosques, so that Africans become spiritually asleep, disconnected from God and incapable to build Africa up. Teach them laziness and switch on the beggar mentality into them. Don't make them spiritually independent and righteous, make them instead addicted to 'sermons', 'prayer lines', 'conferences', 'anointed oil' and make them think that they can be irresponsible but they got it covered if they pay offerings to pastors and imams.

☝🏿⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Hear O Black Africa - This is a true story reported by CNN today 🖤🖤🖤

A pedophile priest was sent to work for an aid organization helping vulnerable families in an African country, even though his Catholic order knew he had been convicted of abusing children years earlier in Europe, a CNN investigation has found.

Father Luk Delft is accused of abusing at least two other boys in the Central African Republic (CAR) while in a key role at Caritas, a leading Catholic charity.

The 50-year-old priest, from Belgium, was only removed from the post after CNN revealed the new accusations against him to his superiors in the Salesians of Don Bosco, a religious order established specifically to protect children (Follow link to CNN article published on Friday 22 Nov 2019)

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