Top 4 African Countries Where Slavery Is Still Rampant in 2019 Due To Arabs Slave Masters

This is one of the topics that has gone out of the radar of the mass media, buried under the latest news coming from the White supremacist universe whose nations are going down bumpy roads in the Americas and Europe. But our focus has to be Africa our Motherland first and we are only interested into the USA or Europe to the extent that our Black brothers and sisters are concerned.

This Black First approach is necessary when facing a Western and Asian world craving for Africa's rich resources even if it means for them forcing their evil agenda on us through their numerous military bases and mercenaries networks present on the ground to 'protect' their interests.

So, let's stop the consensual we-are-the-world narrative already. We are not One humankind at all and we will never will. There are only two camps in this world: The Caucasians and The Rest Of The World.

It's been more than 2000 years since the first invasions of Caucasians in the northern areas of Africa under the traits of what the history books call the Arabs. Later on, the larger Caucasian family joined hands in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Transaharan Slave Trade. By the larger Caucasian family also called the Europid or Caucasoid race, we mean: the Western Europeans, the Southern Europeans Hispanic / Sephardi Jews and the Eastern Europeans Ashkenazim, the Chinese (Yes, Arab slave traders began selling black slaves to China beginning in the Tang Dynasty) and Indians owned Black slaves at some point of history ; so all these Caucasians joined hands in into the selling, the raping and torturing of the the Black Africans on-site and remotely as far in the Caribbean Islands and the Indian territories.

By Caucasians we understand the true scientific definition as per several official resources including the one provided above.

Looking at the above maps of the slave trade that affected the original Black Africans and the neo-colonialism that our Motherland is still suffering from until this day gives a clear insight of who the Caucasians are.

This is the subject of this article, an honest, uncompromising hard look at what is thrown at Melanated/Black people until this day - The Rest Of The World.

So for those who are making their first steps outside of the 'their' matrix, please learn that Black people are still suffering from slave trade in 2019 in the hands of one the Caucasian dysfunctional family member: We are talking here about the Arabs.

For Arabs who feel offended and feel that they do not fall in the above description, please keep up the good work of fighting racism and injustice towards Black people, you must be very discreet in all of your efforts because nothing has changed since the 7th century. There are several reports about how hellish it is to live to live in North Africa as a Black person including the struggle of being an Black African student in your universities.

The Caucasians like to present themselves under different sub-groups to make us think that we are facing various, disconnected oppressors. But it is time that we learn that we are facing one relentless, multi-faceted and unrepentant enemy: The Caucasians; who excel by the way at exploiting and mistreating their own people. The Hong Kong recent upheaval and other worldwide climate change strikes are some examples and proof of how these people cultures' and economic systems are not sustainable and are deeply rooted in evil.

So there you go with the top 4 African countries suffering from slave trade from the Arabs in this 21st century. The fifth country mentioned below is South Africa, where some human rights organisations have spot evidence of Black people's enslavement in South African White-owned wine plantations.

It is interesting that we do no longer hear from our Caucasians friends we use to hang out with before our global awakening. Since the day we started posting on our social media's personal pages: videos about Black people in the USA being killed live in the hands of barbaric police officers or pictures of our brother and sisters drowning in the Mediterranean sea or captives being tortured by Arabs in Libya, we've reached the lower level of 'cool' on the spectrum of 'coolness' in the eyes of our ex-multicultural aficionado. They are wondering why can't we just get over this all thing of being systematically pushed down the economic pyramid across the world?.

Our calls for our people awakening and unity have led them to label us as 'racist'. We are no longer fun to be with as we make them uncomfortable by our lack of political correctness and the fact that we dare complain about our demise.

It is really sad to see people we used to share the world with, people we even used to pray with in religious circles, now giving us the cold shoulder just because we are speaking up for our people across the world. Isn't that evil that most Caucasians people only accept us if we remain content with the disenfranchised and colonised statuses they tried imposing to us along with the worst unemployment and poverty statistics within 'their' systems.

How evil is that?

So today they should not be surprised that we are dumping their systems, throwing their so-called civilisation away and turning our back on their roadmaps they are trying to concoct for us.

Now the Motherland perspective:

Now looking at the bottom lines of Neo-Colonialism that is the fait of Caucasians governments / multinationals:

So our ex-Caucasians friends eventually chose to side with their global governments under the illusion of their white privileges.

Compassion is truth - friendly no matter how ugly the truth looks like, Caucasians who are not hypnotised by their temporary White privileges should be able to look at the truth of this world construct and let activists sincerely fight for a fairer world, you see the world will never be fair and will never be at peace until Black/dark skinned people have not taken back their land and the freedom to lead more prosperous, self-determined lives. But we will still take back what has been stolen from us even some folks are not happy about it.

Looking at the climate change protesters hitting the streets in Brussels and elsewhere, I am seeing selfish people jealously preserving their white privileges while eating loads of imported avocados and being helplessly in love with their pets that they lovingly lock in polluted cities (Did you know that dogs are transgenic wolves? They genetically modified wolves to get dogs/pets, yes they did that too!). It is interesting how our ex-Caucasian friends have gone amnesic or prefer to ignore the hundreds of millions of indigenous people who were forcibly removed from their land decades, centuries ago in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana etc and etc. including all of these genocides here and there that they orchestrated to accommodate all of their 'unnatural', eco-unfriendly, greed-led lifestyles.

Oh and do not mention to Caucasians that all these chunks of fertile land should be given back to Indigenous / Blacks / Natives, they like to tell us how this is sooooo racist you know and unkind for us to think about.

So, in conclusion of this article I hope that Black people will start acknowledging even more the dichotomy of the world we live in, and start identifying and making strategic moves that remove the Caucasian yoke from their shoulders once for all, instead of settling for the status quo. My people, please do some research about who you really are, you will be up for surprises believe me; identifying yourself properly is the first necessary move toward permanent freedom.

Finally, I want to wish all of you a belated Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. However, my peps and I have carefully avoided celebrating those feasts lately. I did not spend any of my money in these nonsense celebrations and I am on my way to convincing all my relatives to boycott $$$Christmas$$$ as well. Between us, why would a Black person celebrate the day when a group of Native Americans got screwed on their own land by White settlers (Thanksgiving), or the day when traditionally Black slaves were on sale and could be bought for a cheaper price, in the USA (Black Friday) or the day when a blue-eyed, blond haired fake Roman/Greek Messiah was born (Christmas)?

The truth will set all us free.


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