We Are Not Guinea Pigs - Make Your Own Herbal Chloroquine and Natural Antibiotic - African Herbalist

Dear Black family we were not created to serve as a guinea pigs or to help Western Big Pharma getting rich on our back. Did you know that big pharma companies are making billions and would like you to give them your authorisation to continue using your body as their medical playground?

In Africa, we are blessed with a multitude of healing plants that the coloniser is trying to steal from us and re-sale, re-package to sell it back to us with a profit.

Please share and re-share the video from this African Naturopath, sharing some ancient knowledge using some green leaves and garlic and get your dignity back. The treatment described in the video should be considered for preventive treatment to re-enforce your immunity status.


If you are experiencing symptoms requiring you to go to hospital please follow your regular medical advice and authorities' recommendations.

The information below is destined to empower our people to lead healthier lives and reconnect with the natural goodness we are endowed with on the continent.

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Remain powerful,


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