Western interests in Papua Guinea #Neocolonialism #Australia #France #UK #BlackAfricanFamilyUnite

Look at our brothers and sisters, melanin-filled and struggling on the other side of the earth against the abuse of Western powers on THEIR land.

Interesting facts about Papua Guinea

Source: Wikipedia

1. It is the world's 3rd largest island country with 462,840 km2 (178,700 sq mi).[12]

2.It was ruled during 60 years by the Australian administration, which started during World War I.

3.Papua Guinea became an independent Commonwealth realm in 1975 with Elizabeth II as its queen (Note to self: So they tell you that you are independent but you still have Elizabeth II as you queen --> WTF I)

4.Papua Guinea became the sixth-fastest-growing economy in the world in 2011

5. Mining remains a major economic factor

6. In the nineteenth century, Germany ruled the northern half of the country for some decades, beginning in 1884, as a colony named German New Guinea

7. In 1914 after the outbreak of World War I, Australian forces landed and captured German New Guinea in a small military campaign and occupied it throughout the war.

8. After the war,the League of Nations authorised Australia to administer this area as a League of Nations mandate territory.

9. With the Papua Act 1905, the UK transferred this territory to the newly formed Commonwealth of Australia, which took on its administration.

(Note to self:

1) Those Whites led countries have basically been taking turn to abuse the people of Papua Guinea self-determination --> WTF II)

2) Looking at pictures of Papua Guineans, they physically look like as the rest of us, Black/Afro descent people and seem to be in the same shituation a.k.a Neo-Colonialism --> WTF III)

As per the above facts, White people have been imposing their presence in Papua Guinea since 1884, Why are white people so interested in Papua Guinea?

Did you know? Crude oil is the largest U.S. import from Papua New Guinea, followed by gold, cocoa, coffee, and copper ore (Source: Wikipedia)

...In the last few hours there's been 2 simultaneous events:

1) An 6.2 magnitude Earthquake in Papua Guinea

2) A recommendation from France's TOTAL CEO towards Papua Guinea to return to the table of negotiation with UK's EXXON.

(Note to self: So a White owned foreign company is giving 'recommendations' to a Black government about what they should do with their country --> WTF IV)

A Nation Mined – A Nation Destroyed | The Shituation


Free West Papua campaign - What is the connection with Indonesia


There is no need to hold a PhD to understand that Afro-descent people need to unite across the earth. Even your ancestors left Africa +60000 years ago, you must join the barbecue and we must focus together on the big fish at hand that we must fry.

Scholars and fake African revolutionaries think otherwise stating that Africans should discard Africans who hail from Africa from too long ago...calling Afro-descent/Dark skinned people in Asia, Desonivans as Western scientists recommended them to believe. But isn't that interesting that in Asia, similarly as in the Americas and Europe, the darker your skin is, the further you get pushed down the pyramid of this White led global economy? So Why African fake revolutionaries are still missing the big picture? Political intellectual prowess is useless if it is not grounded in common sense.

To end this post, I have a question to you dear reader, what can we do here at Making Africa | Reloaded to bring African descent people across the earth on the same page and move to actionable ideas that empower us and lead us to more self-determination?

Please do not hesitate to reach our at:, if you would like to join hand with us!




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