Zambia is the world top producer of emeralds precious stones

And of course the company exploiting them, Gemfields is not owned by Black Africans.

What do you say about this, dear reader?

Afro-descent people must shift their economic interest from the digital economy back to the 'real' economy.

It is not good enough to own Facebook and Instagram accounts, not matter how much you are monetising from it.

While you are surfing on 'their' internet, White and Asian supremacist's companies based in Africa - which means companies that intentionally keep Africans out of capital shareholding stake, are buying big chunks of mining concessions on the continent.

They are buying land from vulnerable African farmers who do not have the capital to finance the very expensive geological work needed to locate minerals or mechanization equipement to exploit it.

It is becoming suicidal to continue welcoming those foreign investors who are just pushing Africans out of their land and into further poverty.

The argument from Black internet surfers a.k.a Afro political revolutionaries which point fingers at African governments does not stand when looking at the lethargy and selfishness of our people, both on the continent and in the diasporas. I am still yet too see a massive mobilisation for a Black united front. What I am seeing instead is selfish Black youtubers shuning collaboration with their peers, not even replying to email enquiries.

There are 5 billions of us Black people when counting the Motherland, North America, South America, the Islands, Asia and Oceania.

You see, Black Papuans in Oceania currently shedding their blood for their independence from Australia and Indonesia, are our people too: They are Black, theiy originated from Africa 60000 years ago and we share the exact same struggle against the same enemies.

5 billions Black people represent an exponential economic powerhouse to serve our needs and aspirations while restoring back our dignity and freedom.

I let you imagine what we would be able to achieve if all of us would chip in a few dollars per month for our cause.

Our enemies hate the idea of this 5 billions number, they want us to believe that we are less wherever we are, we are 'minorities' and that we need them. Some Black folks only believe the numbers given by White supremacists.

So in the 21st century, what all Black people across the earth should go for, is massive land acquisition by all means necessary.

It requires us to pool our monies together and stay clear for Western and Asian investors who do not see us as anything else as chattel as their forefathers did. For these investors, it is ok for Black people to be stripped of their land and be parked in urban dormitories in abject poverty in Africa, Europe or America, or to 'vaccinate' some virus into to so we make less babies, so they can replace us.

Folks, a genocide is surely unfolding against dark-skinned people across the earth and as someone said:"Stop everything you are doing right now, if you are eating, drop your fork, drop your knife, rise up on your feet, fight for your rights."


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