Vitamin D —The Whole Story

Vitamin D —The Whole Story

Sylvie Ndahimana is an African blogger and may seem an unlikely author of an extensively researched book on Vitamin D. Her interest in this topic came from personal experience, seeing her, her colleagues and friends experiencing health issues like fibroids, cancer and cystic fibrosis. She has personally witnessed the pain and hardship that she now knows through research is closely linked to Vitamin D deficiency.   She has personally seen people overcome related conditions and live more vibrant lives after eliminating their deficiency.  She, additionally, has friends, who chose the Vegan diet and shared their struggles to meet their Vitamin D needs without animal products. As a member of the African diaspora living in Europe and spending extended hours at computers, she came to realise that we are not getting as much sun as we once were and sun is a major source for Vitamin D. Most of us living in the Western world spend more time indoors or commuting, even most recreational activities now take place inside.  Because of these experiences, Sylvie sought answers and found them. She is honoured to share them with you. Her ultimate goal for this project is to curate the vast array of studies, stats and expert opinions and then share them in an easy to understand, conversational and informative way so that everyone can realise the benefits of improving their Vitamin D status.  

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